Friday, 15 December 2017

Weather Changes

After a couple of months or so, of intermittent rain, Jitra is now almost back to normal. We are starting to feel the heat. The air is dry and windless. After enjoying a short resting period of not having to water the plants surrounding the household, the laborious task is about to resume. The heat that is slowly creeping in, marks the beginning of the very familiar long and hot dry spell, which can stretch for several months, up here in the northern part of peninsular Malaysia. Soon, the lush green grass will turn to yellow and the air will be filled with dust particles. This is the cycle that we see every year but these weather changes are not without their rewards. Many varieties of mangoes seem to thrive best in this weather. The hotter the weather, the sweeter the fruits. The myriad of bright colorful flowers that emerge attract numerous insects which in turn help to pollinate the flowers of the mango trees.